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Let's be real, different people have different ideas for what will make their party awesome. Everyone has a different budget and has different needs. Why should you be locked into one option only. We at River City Jukebox understand that, and are happy to offer a variety of different options to suite your needs. Want us to blow the roof of the place with a full horn section? No problem. Looking for something quieter/more intimate? We can put perform as a

smaller band, and even play the ol' jazz music if that's what you're looking for.

9-piece Band: Full rhythm section (drums, bass, guitar, keys), three vocalists, and horn section (trumpet and sax). Ideal for large parties, weddings, and corporate events, guaranteed to bring the house down all night long. The ideal package for longer shows.

6-piece Band: Includes a full rhythm section (drums, bass, guitar, keys) and two vocalists. Trust us, just because there's no brass doesn't mean we can't bring the sass. A great choice for weddings and parties. Our most commonly requested and popular package.

4-piece Band: This package includes a small rhythm section (drums, bass, piano or guitar) and one vocalist. Perfect for intimate venues and small functions. Ideal package if you are looking for a combination of jazz and cover music, or for dinner parties.

Jazz Trio: Ideal for dinner or background music. This band features drums, bass, and your choice of piano or guitar. The ideal package if you are looking add a classy element to your event.

Solo Piano: A simple and elegant option that works well for classy functions and dinner music, as well as wedding ceremonies before the reception. The ideal package for someone looking for simplicity and ease.

Let us know what your event requires and we will be happy to tailor to your needs! Contact us at

Click here to hear our jazz recordings

Kind Folk - Jazz Demo
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Saga of Harrison Crabfeathers - Jazz Demo
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Click here to hear our solo piano recordings

Get Lucky - Solo Piano
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Little Wing - Solo Piano
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