Photos by Etoroma Creative

Audio recorded, mixed and mastered by Zac Gabriel


David Unsworth is a singer based out of Edmonton, Alberta. He combines soaring vocals and captivating stage presence to create personal, thought provoking songs, while still giving listeners a reason to dance. 

David's debut EP: Wait was recorded and released in early 2015 and has been played on local radio stations CKUA and CJSR. Currently David is busking, gigging and playing in various groups around the city, as well as working on his Bachelor's in Jazz and Contemporary Music at Macewan University.

David's musical journey began in choral music. From a young age David sang in a number of children's and youth choirs, slowly gaining an appreciation for choral music, while simultaneously marveling in more contemporary artists of the late 20th century like Queen and Midnight Oil.  After several years of guitar lessons David turned his attention to composition, and began writing songs in 2013. Soon David started playing at open mics and busking at local farmers markets, learning to use a loop pedal in live situations to create a full band sound with just vocals and a guitar. As his performances began to develop their own style, so did David's songwriting, taking and blending Alternative Rock with Folk and Pop music. Check him out at



David Unsworth